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Fantasy Football Injuries From Week 14 That Could Cost you a Championship

The fantasy playoffs started this week. Unfortunately, some major players were injured this week. Heading into the next round its important to review the status of your players and decide who is going to play this week.


6 Things to Watch For as the Todd Gurley Owner in Fantasy Football

Before diving in, here’s a quick anatomy lesson: The knee joint is made of the kneecap (patella), tibia (shin bone), and femur (upper leg). On the inside of the knee joint, between the upper leg and shin, there exists a thick layer of connective tissue called the meniscus. The meniscus has two parts, a lateral (outside) portion and a medial (inside) portion. The meniscus is there to provide stability, reduce friction within the knee, and uphold the integrity of the joint. Think of the meniscus as the brake pads on a car. See the picture below for an illustration…

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