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XFL Power Rankings: Week 4

Week 3 has wrapped up and has reminded us that the XFL is still a new league, which means its teams are still figuring things out and getting better. So, those gaps in talent that we saw in week 1 not as large as we thought they were.


NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season was full of exciting games and even a few upsets. We saw some major injuries and some major breakouts. Check out this weeks power rankings below and comment where your team falls on the list.

2019 Power Rankings and Predictions

As the dust begins to settle after the NFL Draft and as OTA’s being, the picture is starting to become clear about which teams are looking hot and which teams are looking like a garbage fire. I will be ranking every team by the strength of their roster, the strength of their schedule, potential injury impacts, and coaching changes. I will also be giving my prediction for each team’s record to end the season out.

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