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Lessons learned: fantasy football takeaways from week 14

The first round of the playoffs is in the books! To those that lost, keep you head up. Making the playoffs in a season like…

Los Angeles Rams week six recap: Bay Area field trip

Through the first 5 weeks of the season, the Los Angeles Rams saw the entire NFC East and the very surprising Buffalo Bills . Through all of that the Los Angeles Rams have started 4-1 and are second in their division. This week they faced their in state rivals in the San Francisco 49ers….

Reaction to the Armstead and Buckner Deals

Day 1 of the legal tampering period was a wild ride for 49ers fans and players alike. As expected, Arik Armstead’s contract was the first domino that needed to fall before the red and gold could begin making any other moves. Armstead was willing to bend quite a bit to help the team stay competitive and took a hometown discount on a back-loaded contract over the next 6 years. Paraag Marathe and John Lynch have bought themselves two more cheap years before the cap hopefully catches up to his contract.

49ers Draft Discussion: Does X Mark the Spot?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020. The NFL draft will be kicking off in 2 months. Free agency is great but I’ve always felt that the draft is when the new NFL season starts ramping up. Whether its a highly-ranked prospect being everything you hoped, getting a stud in the 5th round, or finding gold in a UDFA, the draft can fill you with hope about your team’s potential for the upcoming season. With only one pick before the 5th round, do the 49ers select a WR?

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